Ground Penetrating Radar
What is Ground-Penetrating Radar?
Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) is anon-destructive geophysical method that uses radar pulses to detect and mapsubsurface structures and materials. It emits high-frequency electromagneticwaves into the ground, which bounce off various subsurface features, creatingdetailed images of the underground environment.

Our Ground-Penetrating Radar Services:Discover the range of applications andservices offered by our Ground-Penetrating Radar expertise:
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Utility Locating

GPRis utilized for mapping underground utilities, such as pipelines, cables, andburied infrastructure, preventing accidental damage during excavation orconstruction.
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Concrete Inspection

GPRis effective in assessing concrete structures, detecting rebar, voids, cracks,and other anomalies without the need for invasive testing.
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Geological Investigations

GPR aids in geological studies byanalyzing subsurface layers, detecting bedrock depth, faults, and identifyingchanges in soil composition
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Archaeological Surveys

Archaeologists use GPR to explorehistorical sites, mapping buried artifacts, structures, and features withoutexcavation.
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Environmental Assessments

GPR assists in environmentalassessments by mapping underground contamination, monitoring groundwater, andevaluating subsurface conditions
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Road and Pavement Analysis

GPR helps assess road and pavementconditions, identifying subsurface defects, thickness, and structuralintegrity.
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