Water & Offshore Services

At PT Georama Karya Indonesia, weoffer a comprehensive suite of water and offshore survey services tailored toyour specific requirements. Here's an overview of our capabilities:

Water & Offshore Requirement

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Mapping Area

Water Quality Testing

We conduct rigorous water quality testing to assess parameters such as pH,turbidity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, sediment, and contaminants

Machine Guideline

Bathymetric Surveys

We measure and chart water depths,underwater topography, and hazards using state-of-the-art echo sounders andsonar technology (Single and Multibeam.

Road Analysis

Sediment Characterization

We assess sediment properties to support environmental impact assessments anddredging projects.


Current Profiling

 We use state-of-the-art current profilinginstruments to measure water currents at various depths, providing a detailed profile of current behavior.

Slop Monitoring

Seafloor Mapping

Our team conducts seafloor mapping toidentify geological features, marine habitats, and potential archaeological sites.


Hydrographic Chart Production

We create accurate hydrographic charts andmaps to aid navigation, fishing, dredging, and infrastructure development.


Marine Environmental Monitoring

 We assess water quality, sedimentcharacteristics, and environmental conditions to support conservation effortsand regulatory compliance.


Port and Harbor Surveys

We conduct surveys of ports, harbors, andchannels to ensure safe navigation for vessels of all sizes.


Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration

We provide data for offshore exploration andproduction activities, including pipeline and infrastructure planning.


Route Assessment

 We conduct a detailed assessment of thecable/pipeline route, considering factors such as seabed conditions, waterdepth, and geophysical characteristics.

Water & Offshore Type Development Application

A water survey involves thesystematic collection of data and analysis of water-related factors in aspecific area. These surveys help identify water sources, assess water quality,measure water quantity, and address water management needs for variouspurposes, including industrial, residential, agricultural, and environmental applications.


Metocean survey involvesthe systematic collection, measurement, and analysis of meteorological and oceanographic data in a specific geographical area. This data includes information about weather patterns, sea conditions, ocean currents, waveheights, wind speeds, and other environmental parameters. Metocean surveys are essential for understanding the environmental challenges and risks associated with offshore and coastal operations.


A pre-pipeline/cable laysurvey, also known as a pre-construction survey, is a critical step in the planning and preparation of pipeline/cable projects. It involves the systematic collection of data and analysis of the construction site and route where the pipeline/cable will be laid. The goal is to assess site conditions, identifypotential challenges, and make informed decisions to ensure the smoothexecution of the project.

Platform Site Survey

A platform site survey is a critical step in the planning and execution of offshore platform projects. It involves the systematic collection of data and analysis of the site where the platform will be located. The primary objectives are to assess site conditions,identify potential challenges, and make informed decisions to ensure the efficient and safe construction or modification of offshore structures.

 IRM Services

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) is a holistic approach to identifying, assessing, and managing risks across an organization. It involves the integration of risk management processes, data, and strategies to create a unified view of risk and enable better-informed decisions at alllevels of the organization.

Marine Geotechnical

Marine geotechnical services involve the systematic collection of data and analysis of the seabed and subsea soil conditions. These services are essential for projects such as offshore platform installations,harbor and port construction, subsea cable laying, dredging, and marine infrastructure development.

Water Current Measurement

A water current survey involves the systematic measurement and analysis of water flow and currents in a specific body of water, such as rivers, estuaries, oceans, and coastal areas. These surveys are conducted to gather data on current speed, direction, variability, and other relevant parameters.

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