Land Services

At PT Georama Karya Indonesia, we offer a comprehensive suite of land survey services tailored to your specific requirements. Here's an overview of our capabilities:

Land Services Requirement

Native, no-drama integration with all your instrumentation. Connect your existing and additional equipment in minutes.
Mapping Area

Boundary Surveys

We determine and mark property boundaries with     precision, helping you avoid disputes and legal issues.

Machine Guideline

Topographic Surveys

Our topographic surveys provide detailed     information about the elevation and natural features of a property,     crucial for design and development.

Road Analysis

GIS Mapping

We leverage Geographic Information Systems (GIS)technology to create detailed maps and data sets for various applications, fromurban planning to resource management.


Geospatial Mapping

We use advanced surveying and GIS technology to create detailed maps of the ROW,including boundaries, terrain, and existing infrastructure.

Slop Monitoring

Geotechnical Investigations

We perform geotechnical studies to assess soilstability and provide recommendations for pipeline design and construction.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

We use GPR to detect buried objects, voids, andgeological structures in the subsurface, aiding in utility mapping,archaeological investigations, and site assessments.



Our comprehensive site assessments include adetailed analysis of the location, terrain, and surrounding environment toidentify potential challenges and opportunities.


Utility and Infrastructure Analysis

We assess the availability and capacity ofutilities (water, electricity, gas, pipe, etc.) and existing infrastructure toensure your workshop has the necessary resources.


Volume Calculations:

Using advanced surveying and modeling techniques, we calculate the exact volumes ofcut and fill required for your project.

Land Type Development Application

Land type development involvesthe planning and transformation of land parcels into functional, sustainable,and economically viable spaces. It encompasses various land uses, such asresidential, commercial, industrial, recreational, and conservation areas.Successful land development optimizes land use while addressing infrastructure,environmental, and zoning requirements.

Cut and fill analysis

Cut and fill analysis,also known as earthwork analysis or excavation balance analysis, is the processof evaluating the balance between the volume of earth that needs to beexcavated (cut) and the volume of earth that needs to be added (fill) during aconstruction or development project. This analysis is essential to determinethe most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable approach to sitepreparation and grading.

Ground and Underground Pipeline Analysis

Ground and undergroundpipeline site analysis is a crucial process that involves the assessment of aproject site to determine its suitability for the installation and operation ofpipelines. This analysis encompasses various factors, including geological,environmental, regulatory, and safety considerations, to ensure the optimalroute and design for the pipeline.

ROW Data Acquitition

Right-of-Way (ROW) dataacquisition involves the collection of geospatial, environmental, regulatory,and other relevant information about a designated corridor or area throughwhich a project, such as a road, pipeline, or utility installation, is plannedto pass. This data is essential for project planning, design, permitting, andongoing management.

Site Plan Analysis

Site plan analysis is the process of evaluating the layout and design of a specific piece of land orproperty to assess its suitability for a particular purpose. This comprehensiveassessment takes into account factors such as zoning regulations, environmentalconsiderations, accessibility, and infrastructure planning.

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