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At PT Georama Karya Indonesia, we elevate your projects to new heights with our Aerial Survey services. OurAerial Survey services deliver accurate and comprehensive results to supportyour project's success. Here's an overview of our capabilities:

Aerial Type Development Application

Aerial Surveying is a method ofcapturing detailed data and imagery from an elevated vantage point usingaircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones. Thisapproach offers advantages such as large-area coverage, high-resolution imaging,and the ability to access challenging or remote locations.needs for variouspurposes, including industrial, residential, agricultural, and environmentalapplications.
Mapping Area

Geospatial Analysis

Our aerial imagery supports GIS (GeographicInformation System) data collection, enabling accurate spatial analysis,environmental monitoring, and land use planning.

Machine Guideline

Infrastructure Inspection

Aerial inspections are employed for theassessment of critical infrastructure, including bridges, power lines,pipelines, and rooftops, reducing risks and costs associated with manualinspections.

Road Analysis

Environmental Monitoring

 Monitor environmental changes, wildlifehabitats, and natural resources through regular aerial surveys, contributing toconservation efforts and ecological research.


Agricultureand Crop Management

 Optimize crop yields and resource allocationthrough aerial surveys that provide insights into crop health, soil conditions,and irrigation needs.

Slop Monitoring

Real Estate and Development

Aerial photography and videography enhance real estate marketing, site selection, andproperty development visualizations

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