Leica TS16

Made to face any challenge, task or project, the new Leica TS16 automated total station will reliably support you and deliver accurate data when and where you need it. With the engaging Leica Captivate field software, paired with the self-learning ATRplus for automatic target recognition under any environmental circumstance, the TS16 can tackle every task with ease.


The TS16 comes with a promise of reliability and lowest downtime, originating from 200 years of research and development. It will find your target, follow it and re-lock to it if needed without interrupting your workflow.


With the DynamicLock feature, you will be able to work continuously, save time, and deliver projects faster – while always trusting your data.


The TS16 comes with various features that help prevent theft, like PIN/PUK protection, alarm function, mySecurity registration on my world. You can also add LOC8, our theft deterrence and location solution.


Transfer your data quickly from field to office and vice versa. Your office team can check the data before you leave the site or share design changes with you instantaneously.

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Leica TS16

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